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Living in the Whole World of Music

Discover the inspiration that Cowell drew from non-Western music, how his work opened the door for his students Lou Harrison and John Cage, and how this widening of possibilities is reflected today in contemporary musical masterworks that weave across cultures. Hear Cowell's Homage to Iran with a virtuoso tombak player, the New York-based superstar ensemble Third Sound perform Wang Lu's Urban Inventory, and more.

Featured Artists:
Patrick Castillo, electronics/thunder stick
Allegra Chapman, piano
Romie de Guise-Langlois, clarinet
Luosha Fang, violin
Karen Kim, violin
Sooyun Kim, flute
Sara LeMesh, soprano
Mika Nakamura, percussion
Michael Nicolas, cello
Tim Padgett, percussion
Shahab Paranj, tombak
Ben Paysen, percussion
Sam Rich, percussion
Third Sound
Orion Weiss, piano
William Winant, percussion

Wang Lu: Urban Inventory for small ensemble
Henry Cowell: Adagio for cello and thunder stick
Carlos Chávez: Sonatina for violin and piano
John Cage and Lou Harrison: Double Music for percussion quartet
Cowell: Return for percussion ensemble
Classical Persian music for tombak and other instruments
Cowell: Homage to Iran for violin, piano, and tombak

“forward-looking, expert ensemble”

—The New Yorker on Third Sound