Through one mind, a universe of music

At Bard Music West, we seek to understand our world through music. We're an annual music festival that explores the mind of a 20th-century or contemporary composer each year, delving into the ideas, obsessions, movements, and people that captured his or her imagination. Our events range backward and forwards in time, across musical genres and creative media.

This spring we’re bringing you Bard Music West Plays - a brand new series of performances exploring the music and influences of emerging composers. You’ll hear our outstanding festival musicians in intimate concert spaces, participate in creating new music yourself, and meet and talk with the composers in person at select performances.

“Bard Music West…is one of the most exciting new developments on the Bay Area music scene in a long while. I can’t wait to see what they do next.”
—SF Civic Center Blog



“Part boot camp for the brain, part spa for the spirit”
The New York Times

Bard Music West is a new generation of the Bard Music Festival. Founded in 1990, the annual Bard Music Festival presents a series of thematic programs that explore the music, life, and times of a featured composer. Performances, informal talks, special events, and a book of essays, all designed to appeal to a broad audience, serve to place the work of the composer in historical, cultural, and social context. The Festival is committed to bringing to life rarely heard works, investigating the influences of popular and folk music on classical compositions, and broadening and diversifying the audience for classical music.